CPL(H) – Precision Hours Building

Collect Experience & Go Pro_Pilot

Challenging Learnings | Outstanding Flights | Unique Adventures

A Precision Game — 26 Levels

Total Liberty & Guided Development


Dramatically Improve with every Level

Work hard on Accuracy | Massively enlarge Flight Range

Locate the “H” | Hunt remote VRP’s | Get Master on Radio

Know the Airspaces | Cross & Approach huge Airports

Fly to remote Areas | Land on confined Helipads

Cross the Channel | Cruise along the London Heli-Lane

Add new Ratings: Helicopter R44 | Flying at night

In World’s most congested Airspace.

Exclusive with Phoenix Helicopter Academy

Concept – Why constructive?

You want to get a really good Pilot, right?

Hours Building is not just mandatory and a very important step to get commercial pilot. It is a unique chance in a lifetime.

Wherever you learn to fly, once the PPL License is achieved hours building can be flown all over the globe.

But there is one very important point to consider carefully.

Do you just want to get the hours and fill the logbook? As quick and as cheap as possible?

Or do you want to benefit from this unique chance  as much as possible and get a really good pilot?

Usual Hours Building

The minimum hours required to start the CPL(H) flight training once hours building is completed is 150 hrs.

From PPL(H) Level this is more or less 70-100hrs. Quite a lot.

The temptation to choose the cheapest place on earth and fly the hours in a rush is very appealing.

It is possible to just slightly improve to an inconsiderable next level in the pre-known area.

And more or less same repeat the same flights and gather the hours that way.

At most really cheap places it’s the only opportunity. Given by the nature of it’s easy airspace and general conditions.

But that makes not much sense. This way the skills don’t really improve. It is actually a waste of time & money.

You don’t get the great opportunity of hours building twice. But you will always have to pay for it.

The Difference

That’s why Phoenix Helicopter Academy offers Constructive Hours Building in a unique surrounding.

An unrivaled experience to a very competitive price to a high scaled level. All starts with the Advantages of the Airspaces.

And builds on a unique training – designed for a unique period in your career.

Students get the chance to build up sophisticated Skills, diverse Knowledge in various Training Stages.

And develop to  fully independent Pilots. And more job opportunities afterwards.

Benefits of Constructive Hours Building in Southern UK

General Location

I mentioned some advantages about “Why learn to fly in UK” – For this step they get really crucial.

General Air-Traffic in South UK – You are never alone – “Watching out” & avoid collisions is vital part of flying in this area.

London Airspace – Improve Radio & Navigation Skills to the Ultimate Level.

Weather –  Constantly changing & challenging Winds, Clouds & Visibility.

Special Missions

Coast Side & Sea – Experience of Flying over Sea, incl. Crossing the Channel.

Navigating in remote Areas – e.g Cornwall & Wales and more.

 Approach & Landing – From remote Microlight Landing Sites, middle sized Airfields to huge Airports.

Helipads & Landing in cofined Areas – Many fantastic Hotels with private Helipads situated along the Coast & Countryside.

Sightseeing – Interesting, very different and beautifull features to build experience and fly with passengers.

Level Completed & Check Flight

Each Level is completed with a specific check ride with instructor.

During this regular Level Check Flights all important emergengy manoeuveres get repeated as well.

So you don’t forget them, but get even more routined flying them.

Getting Ideas & Creating Flights

The combination of “Total Liberty” – that many options – and “serious Missions” is quite confusing in the beginning.

There are so many possible waypoints – Aerodromes & Airfields, Airspaces, fantastic Sightseeing Spots and fancy hotels with Helipads. And of course all these waypoints can get connected in unlimited variations. Depending the Level they build completely different difficulty degrees of navigation exercises.

It’s really hard to decide where to fly to and build interesting flights that keep pushing in balance of challenging but not overcharging, This selection might help to create  ideas. They are thought to plan flights from both Phoenix Helicopters Branches – Goodwood or Blackbush.

Google Maps – Waypoint Suggestions

Open the legend in the left side corner of the map – than choose a Level to see the suggested waypoints.

You can always open this map in a separate window following this link.

You should see different Layers called Sightseeing Spots, Helipads followed by Level I to Level V.

Help & Working Tools

As mentioned more than once, proper planing is key for enjoyable, challenging and new adventurous flights. And as Self-Fly-Hiring Pilot there is also some administration work that comes after completing a mission. Those links pull together a different tools that I personally like a lot and thought it’s handy to access all from one spot.

Help & General Advises

Share Flights – Fly organized Trips – Regular Instructed Flights

Planing, Navigation & inFlight Monitoring

Official CAA Flight Charts ( 1 : 250’000 ) & OS Maps ( 1 : 20’000 )

Airport Informations – Plates, Circuits, Frequencies, Phone etc.

– Empty Full MATED Form in printable kneeboard size

– Navigation Software Sky Demon on Tablet as Backup

Logbook Administration & Flight Tracking

– Online Copy of Logbook in Google Docs

– Flights tracked as routes with remarks, learnings etc. on Google MyMaps

Weather Links

– Looking ahead: MetOffice casual 5 Days Forecast Goodwood  / BBC Weather

– On the day – >> MetOffice Aviation Services Overview / F215 (General Situation) & F214 (Wind) / South UK TAF & METAR

– On the minute – real time radars on charts: UK Realtime Radar / Weather Radar

– Wind: cool 3D Realtime World Winds & similar 3D Realtime World Winds Forecast


Stage I – Build Confidence

4 Levels – ca. 15 hrs Training

Level 1 – Get around

Flight ca. 20-30 Miles / 60 min.

Tasks & Missions

– New Routes in familiar Area

– First Short Trips over Water

– Locating the “H”

– Mixing different Navigation Methods

Level 2 – Find the Client

Flight ca. 30-50 Miles / 80 min.

Tasks & Missions

– New Routes along and closer to surrounding CTR’s

– Locate remote Visual Reporting Points (VRP)

– Crossing middle sized Airports & Military Airzones

– Locating, Approaching & Landing on new Airfields

Stage II – Improve Presicion

Stage III – Large Runways

Levels 4 – 15 Hours Training

Stage IV – Glamorous Helipads

4 Levels – ca. 20 Hours Training

 Stage V – Master Routes

2 Levels – 15 Hours Training

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