General Concept – “From_Zero_To_Pro”

This project is spread over different web-channels. The idea is to balance between entertainment and information.

To illustrate this journey I have taken a diary “approach”.

But have also mixed in different things I came across during my training.


This Website – Articles & Blog

Picture Gallery & Instagram – my pictures during training and also living around the South of the UK.

Facebook – The more diary-like part – spontaneous posts.

Pinterest – Thousands of pins I have continously collected since I started the training.


All blog posts are related to a specific step I am learning – chronological.

But, they are not written on a daily basis like a pure diary.

They are grouped in parts which made a major impression on me, or, represented a significant milestone to me.

So, most blog posts cover such a step on the day it happened & a retrospective Added Note.

Sometimes, I uploaded or linked some stuff I created to memorise things or make my student life easier.

Bear in mind

That said, it is a personal and subjective description of what I experienced or felt.

The helicopter training covers a wide spectrum of quite different activities or talents. For example: physical vs. brain work / mathematics, physics vs. general knowledge, verbal expression etc.

That is one reason I really like this training and it’s versatile demands.

If you get struck at one end, there is always another end where you can continue to work on your skills.

Other students, or yourself, might have some very similar, but of course, very different major impressions.

And last but not least –  I am neither a teacher nor experienced pilot and just on my way “From_Zero_To_Pro”.

It could be that the ‘pros’ totally disagree with some of my impressions. I hope not too often though …

My aviation pre-knowledge before starting the training

I was flying paragliders quite intensively for about 8 years and stopped more than 10 years ago. Paragliding without engine & radio in The Alps (outside of any air zones) brings a lot of understanding and experience concerning weather, wind- & thermal systems. It also brings a bit of an understanding about basic airfoil aerodynamics and, of course, skills about recovering collapsing wings and absorbing heavy g-forces. However, none of this is of much help to fly helicopters and it’s too long ago and not in my inner reflex-system any more – but perhaps I understimate this part.

Half a year before I started the Helicopter training, I had built a quite unstable RC Quadcopter (Drone) and trained flying it to quite a skilled level, 100 hours in 4 months. I do not think that this kind of flying helps a lot but during the last 10 years I had almost forgotten and with this drone it came back to me what amazing, completely new skills one could build within respectable time if one really wanted to. It’s all about continous training & keeping it going, for everyone.

Before my trial lesson I had flown as a passenger in a helicopter twice almost 20 years ago. The same with small fixed wings and shortly before my trial lesson I made a pleasure flight in a gyrocopter.

My mother tongues are German & French – that’s not of major importance, but did not help on British radio!

I have never read a book about helicopters before and I have no friends flying helicopters.

I have played the drums since the age of 12. It has nothing in common with helicopters, but, training new, coordinated and individual movements between arms and legs was not new to me.

That’s it, the expression “From_Zero” fits pretty well, I suppose.

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