The First Time

This morning we started with the A-Check, also known as Pre-Flight.

Again, there is a checklist to work through. This involves walking around the helicopter with the checklist and having a closer look at all the different parts. Chris explains how they are all connected and exactly what they do.

There is a lot of information and engineering expressions which can be difficult to follow as I have never been in close contact with any kind of engines before, not to mention the inner workings of a helicopter, the rotor blades etc. and English isn’t even my first language!

The first A-Checks take more than one hour and all sound really complicated. There are so many new things that sometimes I am more just following than really understanding.

A New Relationship

However, from here it becomes a daily routine and the checks come more easily the more you do them. Also, the more I advance and the more I read the book about Aircraft / General Knowledge the different functionalities start to fit together perfectly.

Despite the R22 being one of the smallest helicopters to reach the market at the same time I was born, 40 years ago, it is amazing what they had thought about.

During the training you fly almost every day, you control them during the A-Check and you feel them in the air. You can even start noticing differences in movements or behaviour between the different R22’s at the school..

It’s like a relationship that starts to build & it is really nice to touch the little bird and make sure everything is working fine.

More close-up pictures of the R22 A-Check – click this link.







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PPL(H) - First Autorotation
PPL(H) - First Circuits & FREDAT

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